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Currently: living in Texas, watching the latest episode of Rick and Morty, reading The Han Solo Adventures, finding my next source of caffeine, and building this website — an ongoing effort.



Time Domain Astrophysics — My current work involves optical photometry in the search for kilonovae, which are transient, isotropic afterglows resulting from compact binary mergers. I work with Mario Diaz in the Time Domain Optical Astronomy Group at the Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy. Our research group is part of the TOROS collaboration, which uses optical observatories around the world to follow up gravtitational wave events detected by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration.

Observational Astronomy — I'm an observer at the Nompuewenu Observatory in Resaca de la Palma State Park. I'm heavily involved with projects including asteroid tracking, studies of trans-Neptunian objects, and observatory automation. Previously, I've done work in collaboration with Elizabeth Praton at Franklin & Marshall College, where we investigated supernova remnant candidates in the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex.

Radio Astronomy — I've been involved in the search, timing, and processing of data for radio pulsars. I've worked with Frederick Jenet as part of the Arecibo Remote Command Center, a student research group at the Center for Advanced Radio Astronomy. My first project with ARCC involved optimizing the time allocation of NANOGrav pulsar observations to increase the time array's sensitivity to gravitational wave signals.

Nonlinear Optics — Previously, I've worked under the guidance of Amy Lytle as a member of the Lytle/Gagnon Research Group. We investigated the influence of counterpropagating light beams on the phase matching conditions inherent in second-harmonic generation. I developed the first generation of analysis software for the project.

More details regarding my research can be found here.


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